iCON iPump 1.0 Mining Equipment

Gold Recovery Slurry Pump iCON



The iCON Slurry Pump is designed to be in a permanent position and anchored to the proper floor location. Appropriate fasteners are to be used in the provided mounting holes. The controller should be mounted as determined by the customer and a plug attached to the end of the cable provided.

Start Up

New units are pre-tested, pre-adjusted, and ready for service. The slurry pump discharge fits a standard 1-1/2” ANSI flange and is designed to be used with a coupling combo nipple and Ø1-1/2” slurry hose (all parts customer supplied). Once installed and operating any problems should be reported as soon as possible.

Gold Recovery Slurry Pump Chart

Maintenance / Disassembly

To change wear parts such as the impeller and slurry pump casing, first remove 4 large nuts on the motor mounting plate. With these nuts removed, the slurry pump can be disassembled (refer to exploded view – drawing P100001-SP).

Note: do not remove the 8 motor positioning socket set screws as these have been adjusted to accurately position the impeller within the slurry pump casing. The supplied lifting eye should be fastened during disassembly for use as a motor/pump lifting point. In order to remove the impeller, use the wrench flat on the top of the motor shaft and unthread the impeller from the shaft (if necessary, use a hammer - tap on the impeller to loosen it). Remove impeller rubber stopper, it may be reusable. Hand tighten replacement impellers.

iCON iPump 1.0 Specifications:

Pump Discharge Size ø 1” Gold Recovery Slurry Pump 2
Solids Capacity 3 t /h
Max Recommended % Solids 50 %
Max Slurry Flowrate 70 USgal /min
Max Pressure Head 40 ft
Wear Component Material Ni-Hard 4
Machine Weight 153 kg
Motor Power 1.5 kW
Power Requirements 220V / 1ph / 50-60Hz
Max Feed Particle size 2 mm
Overall Dimensions ø 0.55m X 0.75m


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