iCON Gold Recovery Products


iCON Gold Recovery Products are used for:

Hard Rock Mining: (No Chemicals Required) - NO Mercury, NO Cyanide

  • Scavenging / Reprocessing Hard Rock Tails
  • Initial Processing of Hard Rock Ores
  • Concentrating Ores / Tails for Regional Final Processing

Alluvial / Placer Mining & Dredging

  • Primary gold processing when you know your gold is too fine for a sluice
  • Reprocessing years of old fine mineral concentrates
  • Processing daily sluice box fine mineral concentrates

Upgrading Fine Mineral Concentrates

  • Classifying and upgrading sluice concentrates
  • Upgrading concentrates for regional processing

Prospecting / Drilling / Bulk Sampling

  • Analyzing mineral samples in the field. Many iCON Gold Recovery products are portable and conveniently classifies your mineral samples to give you confidence in the size of your gold.
  • Fine Minerals are easily cleaned from mineral sample to mineral sample without fear of contamination.

Gold Recovery iCON Products



Miners around the world have historically recovered as little as 30% of their available gold using mercury amalgamation.

The iCON Gold Recovery process is being used to reprocess old mining tails without using Mercury.

These miners are now recovering more gold reprocessing tails with iCON than the original miners recovered.



This is not new technology.
iCON is the proven process of Major Mines around the world.
Now available to Artisanal Miners.

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